How much does snow weigh?
Industry trends
Know when to initiate snow removal & how to manage safety and cost

A leading property insurer issues new guidance on Roof Snow Loading

Updates from ASCE have increased roof LIVE LOAD requirments.

New guidance represents increased awareness of:

  • Increased roof loads caused by Rain over snow weather events
  • Drifting conditions
  • Effects of adjacent structures
Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) is a common snow pack measurement. It is the amount of water contained within the snow pack, and measured by melting a sample.
Fresh snow contains no more than 15% water.  The rest is trapped air spaces.
Snow pack SWE increases in weight by absorbing water into these trapped air spaces.
Because this can happen quickly and dramatically, Facility Managers & property owners need to monitor roof snow loading in real-time.
  • Deflection Monitoring is considered the "reference standard" by experts when observing roof loads
  • More accurate than inferential sampling techniques
  • DMD sensors are mounted under the roof deck - protected from elements
  • Sensors supervised 24/7 by central control panel - automatic REALTIME e-mail notifications
The Deflection Monitoring Advantage

DMD-IP roof alarm systems by SRS provide REALTIME alerts when snow removal is needed.

It all depends on how much water is in it

Roof collapse losses exceed a

Billion dollars every year in the US

Should I monitor snow loads?